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Suite 347



GOSHEN, NY 10924


Tel: 845/291-1200

Fax: 845/291-3932




King Zak Industries celebrates our 25th year in business by expanding our line of high end Party Disposable Dinnerware! King Zak manufactures and distributes a wide variety of disposable party and everyday items. Our categories include Paper and Plastic disposable dinnerware in various qualities and price points. Our complete line of plastic dinnerware includes both thermoform and injected molded products to accommodate your customers’ every need. We also provide a complete line of Aluminum Pans and Roll Foil, Foam Dinnerware, Food and Trash Bags, Plastic Cutlery, Paper Napkins and Plates, Roll Towel and Facial Tissue. As we are a continuity supplier, we are able to help you create an attractive, colorful store set, and provide a great selection of products for your customers to enjoy. Our sales staff can show you successful store sets that range from national Dollar Store chains and Party Stores to Deep Discount big-box stores to regional and national Supermarkets. We have many innovative solutions to your merchandising needs, including our new pallet programs, as well as a full range of seasonal items. Please contact us to set up an appointment for the upcoming show. Our showroom at TMC features live gondola store sets that can show you how to make your store a true destination location for all your party and disposable needs.



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